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Egyptian Compromise

August 2, 2013

It looks like Egypt is about to devolve into a civil war around the ouster/coup removing President Morsi.
Not surprisingly at least one side of the conflict is dominated by radical Islam “activists”. So this will get messy. The sides line up with the Military on one side and the Pro-Morsi activists on the other. There is the segment of the population who are glad the Military took over the government. They lean on the facts that Morsi, even though he was legally, democratically elected, dismantled parts of the government and weakened the democratic checks and balances system. He gave himself too much power. The opposing “Pro-Morsi” segment has 2 components, as I see it. One component supports the Muslim Brotherhood that Morsi was a member of. This component sees Egypt with a government and constitution that is more influenced by their religion. They share some ideas with the other pro-Morsi-ites but their radical outcome is that when the Military ousted Morsi they committed some sort of insult against Islam. Other Pro-Morsi-ite components are just those folks who fought for Democracy and are angry that the Military didn’t give the process more time to work things out. They stand as purists in spite of the pain.

How about this as a compromise – before this blows even more out of proportion. Allow Morsi to resume his term of office but all of the changes he made to the government must be reversed back to the day he took office. That means he must live with the loyal opposition he was elected into and he can’t just disband the Parliament because they are slowing him down – or whatever. That way the Muslim Brotherhood gets their candidate in place, the Democracy purists get their Democracy and the people who wanted Morsi out because he was dismantling the government get their balances re-assembled.

At the next legal election they can elect someone else – if they stay awake long enough to remember what just happened.

Good luck Tut.


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