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Boehner has a short memory

March 3, 2013

Dear Republicans –
I heard John Boehner thinks the American people can’t blame the Republicans for national damage from the sequester. But he’s very wrong. We are able to blame Republicans and we do.

I suppose it really could be the fault of corporate interests who, in order to keep their position in the marketplace, influenced the sympathetic Republican coffers with campaign funds. Their narrow corporate interests are responsible for bringing us to this point but Republican politicians did their bidding. That’s why we are blaming you.

We could point the finger at the super rich conservatives who used their influence over you to keep tax cuts from going away or new taxes from appearing. But it’s you who stonewalled the changes in the House of Representatives so we are blaming you.

We could blame the conservative movement Media. After 4 years of daily assassination attempts on the President by FOX and an ugly bias war against people who agree with him, we’re disgusted by them. But you are the ones who appear on their programs to get your facetime while confirming their bile. So, again, we blame you.

America would have been much better off today without the breed of Conservative Republicans we’ve seen over the last 4 years. All of the troubles faced by the majority of Americans today, including the weak economy, home foreclosures, job losses, high gas prices, rising food prices, out-of-control health care expenses, shrinking salaries – all are the direct result of stubborn, ideologically-blinded and inflexible Republicans in the House and Senate. We blame you.


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