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the Cause of Violence in America – Uncertainty

January 19, 2013

Dear Congressman –

I hear a lot of talk about the “cause” of gun violence and the reasons behind the disturbing crimes against innocents being committed around our country. Without any research I feel sure that there have been more of these crimes in the last 12 months than in the last 12 years.

I am not one who believes that the cause is the proliferation of guns. However, I would like to see better screening of gun/ammo purchasers to weed out felons and clinical “crazies”. I think the cause is somewhere in the mental health arena, but even there – the imbalance is only a symptom of a greater, more pervasive problem.

I believe the real cause is the unrelenting uncertainty – economic and political – created by the dysfunction we see in the Federal Government. I believe that the gridlock created by the constant – and sometimes hysterical – posturing by Republicans is quite literally making Americans violent.

It seems that almost every day there is another straight-forward government function being blocked by some indignant Conservative. Whether it’s the President making an appointment to his cabinet, funding for FEMA for emergency relief, dealing with the nation’s long term financial commitments to elders and veterans, almost ANY issue effecting the running of the country – Republican members of the House bring an inflexibility to the table that frustrates the process, and wears down the patience of citizens. This frustration is festering in our psyche. It is infecting our dinner conversations, our work place interactions – indeed every situation is charged with it. I am not surprised that some people are acting out horrendous crimes.

Almost every day I hear some financial reporter use the phrase “the markets reacted negatively to the failure of Congress to arrive at an agreement on…” fill in the blank.
I often hear about businesses not making investments or hiring because of the uncertainty in the marketplace. “Uncertainty” has become a constant companion for Americans and it wears on the nerves. When I look at the issues and the players I conclude that the inability (or stubborn unwillingness) of Congress to work with the President and reach compromise is the root of this uncertainty. And it is conservative Republicans who are unabashedly refusing to compromise. Therefore – THEY are the job killers. THEY are keeping America unemployed. THEY are causing the ongoing mass frustration that is resulting in mass murders.

Add to this the minute-by-minute conspiracy theorists, shrill pundits and news-spinning journalists filling the air waves, and we have a pervasive atmosphere of rage – being sown in the name of Conservatism. I know you can’t control Rush or FOX.
But please use your influence to insert some gray area into the black-and-white positions being used to approach every issue. Please be the voice of reason and do what you can to move things forward. We need decisions. We need policies. We need some relief from this uncertainty and frustration. I believe it is making us unstable.



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