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Am I satisfied with the direction America is going?

March 3, 2012

That’s a question I see often on polls, like today from (non-partisan?). I’m always torn as to how to answer because I know my answer will be used to paint a picture of the citizenry. That’s what we want from Polls BTW. We want Polls to question individuals, batch answers together and then use them to paint a broad stroke picture of what we are ALL thinking. I like polls – especially when they agree with me.

Remember that last statement, and repeat it while staring in a mirror, as I continue my tirade.

The question “are you satisfied with the direction America is going?” might just as easily be based upon their assumption that I believe Barack Obama is the only one setting America’s direction. I know that is not true. Not when the conservative opposition places such a premium on Supreme Court appointments, Senate and House elections, etc. Not when an entire news network is spouting conservative dogma 24/7. The President is certainly pulling in one direction but with all the mammoth forces pulling the other way – the “direction America is going” is not so simple to discern.

This particular question about the “direction” is annoying because its always accompanied by a 1-to-5 range for responses or a Yes/No choice, and that leads to answers that can be used to feed both sides of an argument – which means the results are kind of meaningless. It’s the wrong question for a 1-to-5 or up-or-down response. Or at least it is phrased in such a way as to yield meaningless results. Here’s how I would like to have the opportunity to respond.


I am NOT satisfied with the direction America is going when there is a political climate where educated people are called snobs, where the scientific method is called trickery, and where facts can be silenced with money while people suffer and die in ignorance.

I am not satisfied when one political party’s passionately stated strategy for a better future is simply to defeat the incumbent.

I am NOT satisfied with the direction America is going because some nimrod with a do-or-die “tax pledge” holds such powerful sway over the government process that perpetual gridlock and public exclusion is guaranteed. I can’t help thinking that Grover’s extortion of Congress rings of a tactic used by the Taliban. If you are a “devout” believer you must enforce the policy no matter what. Of course the Taliban Norquist's extortion is similar to the Taliban's.are evoking eternal ideals with heavenly rewards and punishment but the implication is the same. If you do not absolutely and eternally adhere to the policy, we we will destroy you. Grover has succeeded in branding the R’s as 2 dimensional tax-haters whose doctrine is based on the actions of a President who raised taxes 11 times. So – what’s good for the goose was not good for the Gipper. But we’ll be coming around with our sabres to cut off the careers of anyone who dares consort with infidels. I am very dissatisfied with the direction they are taking America.

I am not satisfied with a political discourse that is fraught with distortions and half-truths. I recently heard, during a televised news conference by a man purportedly qualified to lead America that the day after his 2nd inauguration Barak Obama will declare war on the Catholic Church? This from a twice divorced man whose addiction to hyperbole is costing him his credibility as a candidate – again.

I am not satisfied with America being taken in a direction that is chosen by a few wealthy individuals. My suspicion – and this may be nothing more than fiction – is that some Americans are being duped, bought and sold by a wealthy minority then thrust into a cause that inevitably weakens their own rights. Surely the people who shout down speakers at Town Meetings can’t believe that their life will improve if tax policy were to starve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to death. Surely they know that the funding that keeps their wafer thin ideal of fair government alive comes from magnates who relish the idea of a populace without government protections from the abuses of profit mongering corporations. Can the Libertarians be so naive to think that their fight for “Liberty” will not leave them with little more than “just enough to get by”. These people who scream for “Freedom” forget that “Justice” can easily be sacrificed in their utopia – reserved for those who can pay for it. While they cry for “individual freedom” they so conveniently forget that it is only through Unity that we remain strong and that the resulting Plutocracy is not Democracy.

I’m not satisfied with the way things are going because I see the idea of perfect “individual freedom” being sold as a solution for a problem that individuals don’t have. A solution being sold by people/organizations/entities who can afford to live isolated and insulated from almost any societal problem, revolution or disaster. People who can afford to incite individuals to disrupt progress by making them believe they have no freedom.

Its just more proof to me that wealthy conservatives have a vested interest in keeping society at large uneducated and antagonistic towards government – unless that government is itself conservative and friendly toward the wealthy. At that point, anyone who is antagonistic to the government can just be dismissed as “unpatriotic”.

The wealthy can buy whatever influence they need to gain more influence so that they can increase their wealth. To hell with “by the people, for the people”. What annoys me is that the grassroots people don’t see how they are being purchased and sent to protest for something they think is good for them – when it won’t be good for them at all. Ultimately it’s only good for the people paying them to protest. Ironically the protest is for something the people already had – against someone who wasn’t trying to take it from them. Around and around we go – and I am not satisfied with that direction.

I’m certainly not satisfied with the hysterical clamor and media frenzy being lavished upon these crazy, two-faced mobs. The same people who are now calling the free distribution of birth control pills an “attack on religious freedom” were protesting against the building of a Mosque in New York City. The same people who coined the phrase “soft on terrorism” decry every method for stopping terrorist attacks on aviation as intrusive and Unconstitutional. These same people who SAY they want to discover and destroy enemies with secret agendas and secret memberships insist the discoveries be made without disrupting anyone’s privacy. The people behind this push-me-pull-you mentality want us to believe that they are wise, righteous and deserving of our support. I think they are creating these insane, knee-jerk disruptions as distractions so that they can help take the country in the wrong direction.

The same people who cry “get the government out of our lives” want to make laws that prevent women from making choices about their own health and futures. They justify this high-brow high-ground by televising discussions on the subject of women’s choices and health issues by employing a panel of 12 men. This is what passes for intelligence in the conservative realm.

In my mind – conservatives in power don’t give a shit about social issues. They don’t care about the Church, Gays or abortion or anything the drone at the convention cares about. Conservatives in power only think about getting more power so they can take this country in what I believe is the wrong direction.

The same people who stamp their feet insisting on freedom of speech use that freedom to read from a list of one-sided conservative talking points dictated by a political strategist. So they are really exercising their handler’s freedom of speech. These people, by the way, work for a guy whose first fortune came from British tabloid news and who now leads an organization being exposed for bribery and phone tapping. They have the freedom to speak and I have the freedom to consider the source.

I am not satisfied with taking America backwards.

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