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the coming plutocracy

November 28, 2011

I just read a stunning article in Rolling Stone. Mind you, I’m not a big RS fan or frequent reader. But this article seemed to “agree” with me – so I liked it. The point of the article is that the R party is the political party of the rich. This is a smart move on the part of the RNC. I mean – why not?

What startled me about the article was the idea that, if you follow the course of tax cuts, tax increases, and deficits it becomes apparent that Conservatives are about to realize their greatest dream – control of all branches of gov’t. One of the ways they have pulled this off is to increase the deficit wildly (2 unfunded wars, non-negotiable prescription drug program) with the express goal of creating the current financial mess and purposely leaving it to the Democrats to clean up.

“Starving the Beast” is the phrase. The “Beast” is the bloated government. Republicans have overseen tremendous deficit spending but have signed a death pledge to “never raise taxes on anyone under any circumstances”. So when the time comes to tame the deficit it MUST be done by cutting spending – social programs being first on their list.

Ironically it’s the T Party that plays the part of the enforcers in this game. They strong armed their House and Senate colleagues to rigidly adhere to the “Pledge” or face tsunamis of opposition cash during the next election season. Those rowdy Libertarians who adamantly voted in TP candidates will find themselves toothless – without protection from the government or corporations that own it.

The conservative bag-men have no interest in raising the standard of living for a working class so there will be no collective bargaining. Conservatives have no use for regulation so there will be no attempts at food safety, clean air or water, prescription drug safety, or even commercial airline safety. After all, it’s bad business the let your planes fall out of the sky. That only has to happen once for the “market-place” to step in and your airline goes belly up. The thing is that when that shit happens – the few people at the CEO level just shift their chairs and start a new airline while the thousands of employees scramble for their next paycheck.

The same will soon happen with the TP legislators. Once the conservative bag-men have their plutocracy in place – small players will stay small. They will become just like the dudes they replaced – putting most of their energy raising cash for their re-election campaign. And the voters who supported them? They will have their Liberty.

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