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The way things are in banking today

November 17, 2011

This came my way. I had to pass it on.

The way things are in banking today

I needed some cash today so I stopped into a PVC branch, walked into the ATM lobby, stuck my debit card into its mouth, feed it my pin code, fingered the window screen a few times and received my $220.00 in a thick stack of $20.00 bills. USA currency feels good doesn’t it?

We’ve been PNC customers for more than 33 years. I have had 3 business accounts with them but have only 2 now. We have our personal accounts and a few retirement accounts with PNC also. (I sometimes feel a PNC tattoo growing on my arm.) I’m very much at home with the PNC temperament and service character. At least I was at home.

I didn’t want the bulk of these bills in my wallet so I pushed open the aluminum and glass door and walked into the branch. A brand new building, well appointed, nicely decorated in ‘neighborhood banking plush’, successful and secure looking. Before my second footstep hit the new carpet I received the usual, much too loud, greeting from somewhere in the well lit area. I slid between the queueing ropes and waited my turn – I was alone in line. At the teller counter one customer was writing something while standing at one teller window – that teller watched. Two other tellers where looking down in a counting mode and not yet ready for outsiders. That’s the reason I avoid in-the-branch transactions whenever I can. After a few minutes a male teller walked up to his window and gestured the “come on over, I’m open and ready” signal. I walked over, money in hand. I slid him the cash and said “2 large bills please.”

Simple request I thought. Here’s some American money, exchange it for different American money. Isn’t money changing what banks do? Isn’t the branch system for money changing? Don’t banks handle USA cash?

Here’s what Wiki says that banks are: “a financial establishment that invests money deposited by customers, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.” That’s what I wanted. Here’s 10 pieces of United States currency. Give me 2 different units that equal the same value in United States currency so my pocket doesn’t bulge. A simple request expressed in the local tongue without much regional dialect? Before touching the bills he says, “can I see ID?” So I show him my PNC business debit card…the same one I’d just used in the lobby. He asks for it… Put his hand out to take it… He wants to touch my business debit card… expects me to hand it to him… To run it through a reader of some sort… to give me CASH. TO EXCHANGE MY CASH!! WTF!

Yep! The top of my head blew off. Take me to your leader (because this is insulting and illogical and an outrageous request and un-American) I asked. The branch manager attempted to justify a policy that only allows PNC customers to exchange cash. She didn’t convince me.

This is the end of business sanity in America. Don’t invite cash transactions… all that cash might mildew overnight. And while you’re at it, insult your PNC card carrying customers who have cash in their hands by asking for justification ID. “Stupid is as stupid does!” Just wait. When Wal-Mart and 7-11’s become banks you’ll hear the banks whine like the pigs they are.



That’s why the switch is on. Dump the banks. Join a Credit Union. Make the Piggies whine.


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