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This is where it started. Occupy Wall Street is Right.

October 9, 2011

I’m angry about the conservative pundits – even the so-called “liberal press” trying to subvert the meaning and value of the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS is made up of people who see something wrong with the system and are taking a civil action to bring attention to it and hopefully bring about change. Why is this different from the T-Party? Isn’t that what they did?  And they got plenty of coverage and enough respect to get seats in government.

But (sarcastically) maybe it’s OWS’s tactics. Maybe the OWS crowd has to take it to the next level and start shouting down their local senators. Yeah – that’s the move. Let’s shout them down and call them PIGS – GREEDY, GODLESS, DEMON PORKERS. That’s pretty righteous – don’t you think? Maybe the right wing will understand that…since we used the word Demon and all.

Doesn’t the Bible say something about “by their fruits you shall know them”? Doesn’t that apply to the fruits of Wall Street bundlers of toxic mortgages and credit default swaps? And also – doesn’t the Good Book say something like “it will be easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven”? Doesn’t that kind of clue us as to where the evil might be? I think it might do just that.

The OWS folks are speaking for me. They might not all have the same agenda and they certainly don’t say everything for me but my heart is with them.

Here’s the thing. I’m pissed off that the machinations of Wall Street resulted in the ruinous economy we now have. That’s bad enough. The whole world is suffering over Credit Default Swaps and trading in bundles of worthless mortgage paper. Stuff that Bankers make. We’re all suffering losses but the fact that it happened isn’t the worst of it. What makes this more unbelievably nefarious is that Wall Street refuses to have any legislation that would keep it from happening again. THAT is what makes them look like the root of all evil and some folks occupying WS feel it very deeply.

Sure – the Dodd/Frank thing was passed but “somehow” it’s not getting funded and the person who should be in charge is not being approved.  Could it be the Republicans don’t like him?  Are they waiting for the President to recommend one of their own?  Or are they just trying to keep any scrutiny from being applied to the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes in Washington and Wall Street.  I think they DEFINITELY have something to hide.

Why would WS and their political allies want to keep the current system as is – knowing the damage it has already done? Here’s one reason – they don’t see anything wrong with the way the world’s economy is. They LIKE it when most of us are broke, scared and maybe even desperate. It gives them leverage to lower wages, accept their terms, and of course make them more money.

The fact is that the people Occupying KNOW there is something wrong (just like most of us do). They are there to remind us that Capitalism has been broken – shown to be devastating by the actions of the Bankers. OWS is trying to tell us – Democracy is also broken. “One man-one vote” is being replaced by “Rich Man Votes”. What is happening is indefensible and the fact that the media is trying to silence – or ignore – or negate the message scares me even more. I had to say something.

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  1. Noss Worjsski permalink

    If you take OWStreet in context with other upheavals around the world what you get is that people (not just U.S. people) are not satisfied with the what the future looks like from here. Economically we are headed for a “One World Bank” state where the rich get richer, and the rest are left slipping from where ever they are. People are seeing that this system (or set of systems) is bringing down governments, causing financial uncertainty (to say the least), and wrecking the environment. Check this out:

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