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You know me. But I’m Not You.

I’ve hesitated for years to write my own blog.  There are a few reasons but the first one is because I don’t particularly like the attention.  I want to stay anonymous so that I can think and write freely.   I’m that kind of person.  If I know everyone is watching – I’ll miss the hoop.   I want my posts to be on point.  If I know everyone is watching I might drift too much.

I also don’t what to deal with the disagreement my opinions are bound to elicit.  I know what I have to say may not match the general spin – but I think I’m right.  And so it follows that if you disagree – then I think you are wrong.  Let’s just leave it at that.

There is also a sarcastic thread in my mind which often makes it’s way onto the page (screen) so I may very well be misunderstood sometimes.  I want to be unencumbered by any reputation I might have to keep up when I have to explain or adjust something I’ve written.  Maybe I should invent an emoticon that stands for “all you dummies who can’t keep up – this is me being sarcastic”.

Ultimately I think I’m like most Americans.  Job, family, home.  I’m aware that things in America are not like they used to be.  In fact, like most people, I’m feeling a little beat up these days.  I feel as if someone else is pulling my strings – and it’s not the government or the President.  And I wanted to say something about it.


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